To be eligible, a fraternity member must have at least junior standing (generally 62 credit hours), have at least a 2.0 GPA, and must demonstrate responsible behavior as a member of the Westminster College community. The College's policy with regard to allowing sophomores to live at houses is limited to those elected to the positions of President, Vice President, House Manager, Treasurer and Risk Manager. If these positions within the Fraternity Chapter do not exist, a written request for exception must be turned into the Director of Student Life before the Fraternity housing deadline. Officer exception requests must be limited to one person per non-existent position. Fraternity members are not permitted to move from a fraternity house to an off-campus setting.

Any student who resides in a fraternity house will automatically be billed the on-campus fraternity meal plan. Fraternity residents are able to add more Dine Dollars or switch to another on-campus meal plan, but are required to have a meal plan with the College.

  • If a fraternity is able to provide consistent meal options through an in-house chef or restaurant meal plan, the fraternity chapter must provide a list of on-campus and in-house members who plan to utilize the in-house meal plan and proof of contract to the Director of Student Life and Director of Residence Life by June 15 of each year.
  • In the event a consistent meal option cannot be delivered to the fraternity (e.g. restaurant closes, chef retires, contract discontinued), the Fraternity Meal Plan will be applied to the affected students' bill. If this occurs mid-semester, the meal plan will be pro-rated for swipes, and students will be charged the whole dine dollar amount.
  • In the event a student’s chapter membership is discontinued, for any reason while they are on an approved fraternity meal plan, a pro-rated meal plan option will be applied to the affected student's bill.