The residence halls at Westminster provide you with a lot more than a place to sleep. Featuring a variety of housing options, social activities, and academic services, our residence halls offer a complete living environment—one designed to help you meet whatever goals you set for yourself at Westminster.
Our residence life staff will strive to help you integrate your academic and social life, promote an environment that supports the value of strong academics and good citizenship, and uphold respect for gender, ethnic and cultural diversity. The residence life staff is specifically trained to assist students with the challenges that sometimes come with living in a residential community.
A strength of the Westminster College experience is the close-knit community that exists on campus. With over 90 percent of Westminster students living on campus or in college fraternity housing, it's easy to form lots of close friendships -not just with students, but with professors as well.

The mission of the Residence Life program at Westminster College is to contribute to the development and education of students by creating inclusive communities in which students can:

  • feel safe to explore new ideas
  • be challenged to relate to others with respect and compassion
  • be supported in self discovery
  • be supported to solve problems autonomously

Rooted in the Westminster College mission, the mission of the Residence Life program supports the academic endeavor of students.  Further, the Residence Life program supports the quest for excellence that Westminster College espouses for all students.  To this end, the following are learning outcomes for students involved in the Residence Life program:

  • By living on campus, students will explore facets of their identity that impact who they are and how they define and express themselves.
  • Students will develop an understanding that learning is an ongoing process toward educated decision-making
  • Students will be able to form and maintain connections for their own personal growth and for integrating into future communities.
  • Students will identify their social identities in relation to others and communicate effectively across the difference.
  • Residents will learn what it means to live in and contribute to a residential community, through Community Standards, engagement with Hall programming, and communication with roommates.


A resource to help students know what to bring to campus and what they should not. If students have any questions please feel free to reach out to Residence Life.

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Residence Life Staff Members

The Office of Residence Life is supported by full-time professionals who help implement our Residential Curriculum, support our Resident Assistants, and work to build and maintain a safe community atmosphere for students. 


Patrick Bussiere

Director of Residence Life

Residence Halls: Berlin Village, Eichenauer Hall, and Russell Hall


Melissa Reabe

Area Coordinator: Student Engagement

Residence Halls: Browne Hall and Ferguson Hall


Erynn Daubenmire 

Graduate Resident Director

Residence Hall: Shaw Hall


Patrick Holton 

Graduate Resident Director

Residence Hall: Galbreath Hall


For a campus emergency, please contact Public Safety at 724-946-7777.