The residence halls at Westminster provide you with a lot more than a place to sleep. Featuring a variety of housing options, social activities, and academic services, our residence halls offer a complete living environment—one designed to help you meet whatever goals you set for yourself at Westminster.
Our residence life staff will strive to help you integrate your academic and social life, promote an environment that supports the value of strong academics and good citizenship, and uphold respect for gender, ethnic and cultural diversity. The residence life staff is specifically trained to assist students with the challenges that sometimes come with living in a residential community.
A strength of the Westminster College experience is the close-knit community that exists on campus. With over 90 percent of Westminster students living on campus or in college fraternity housing, it's easy to form lots of close friendships -not just with students, but with professors as well.
Residence Life provides a high-quality residential experience that supports both the academic mission of the college and Student Affairs mission by providing safe and comfortable residential facilities, cultivating a culture of care and shared responsibility in maintaining a positive living and learning community, supporting individual student development, and guiding each student toward a sense of belonging.  
Student Learning Outcomes 
  • Residential students will learn to live cooperatively with others, engaging self-advocacy, compromise, and conflict resolution skills when needed.
  • Residential students will learn to report and resolve issues that compromise safety and security of themselves, others, and the facilities.
  • Residential students will learn the value of engaging with others who hold different identities and perspectives. 

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A resource to help students know what to bring to campus and what they should not. If students have any questions please feel free to reach out to Residence Life.

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Student Handbook

Our Student Handbook features a wide variety of our campus policies, which includes our Residential Living Policies. We ask that all students are familiar with these policies as they are essential to community living at Westminster College.

Residence Life Staff Members

The Office of Residence Life is supported by full-time professionals who help implement our residential curriculum, support our Resident Assistants, and work to build and maintain a safe community atmosphere for students. 


General Information



Ashley Haney

Director of Residence Life



Desirae Hairston

Area Coordinator

Residence Halls: Russell Hall and Shaw Hall


Logan Reedy

Area Coordinator

Residence Halls: Browne Hall, Ferguson Hall, and Galbreath Hall


Evan Weinstein 

Area Coordinator

Residence Hall: Eichenauer Hall, Berlin Village and Thompson House


For a campus emergency, please contact Public Safety at 724-946-7777.