Resident Assistant Applications

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Resident Assistant New Hire Information

Head RA Work Agreement

RA Work Agreement


Resident Assistant Position Information

RAs are given unique opportunities that will make them more marketable to future employers, such as:

  • The ability to interact with and advocate for their peers.
  • Development of specific skills, such as:
    • Leadership Development
    • Community Engagement
    • Programming and Event Planning
    • Mediation and Conflict Resolution
    • Crisis Management
    • Time Management

The main responsibilities of an RA are to ensure our residential communities are a safe place for students to live, study, and engage within. RAs spend most of their time on their floor building relationships, helping residents create connections and creating a community atmosphere. To help with this, RAs plan events for residents to encourage personal growth, identity exploration, community building, and interpersonal engagement. RAs provide additional support to students who may be struggling during their time at Westminster and can help connect them to multiple resources as needed. 

The habitual responsibilities of RAs include being involved in an on-call rotation in their building, attending weekly staff meetings, one-on-one meetings with their supervisor, and assisting the Office of Residence Life with large campus initiatives and events.  

There is not any limitation placed on RAs for other obligations/organizations they are a part of outside of Residence Life. Though, it is important to note that the RA contact is based on a 15-hour work week and is meant to take priority over other obligations that are not directly related to academics. 

RA Eligibility

The following conditions will be required and checked for all applicants: 

  • Lived on campus for at least one semester. 
  • Maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA. 
  • Student Conduct History
    • Prior infractions are not an immediate disqualification. 

If you have concerns about any of the stated eligibility conditions, please reach out to

RA Benefits

  • A stipend paid over 9 months for the 24-25 academic year*: 
    • First Year RA Role - $3,300
    • Returning RA Role - $3,500
    • Head RA Role - $4,000
  • A discounted housing rate, a single room at a double rate
  • A free parking permit for the academic year


The timeline for the selection of RAs for the 2024-2025 academic year are as follows: 

  • January 17, 2024 - RA Applications Open
  • February 15, 2024 - RA Applications Close
  • Week of February 19, 2024 - RA Interviews
  • March 1, 2024 - RA Decision Letters Released