Housing Selection Overview for Returning Students

Each spring returning students are assigned a lottery number based on class status as defined by the Registrar’s Office. Students who are currently seniors (class status 4) will have the lowest lottery numbers and those who are first year students (class status 1) will have the highest lottery numbers. Only one roommate can draw for a room, meaning the roommate with the lowest lottery number will select the room for both students.

The lottery number pertains to when it is a students’ turn to be eligible to select their on-campus housing assignment for the next academic year. Students will have the opportunity to select from any of the open on-campus spaces and room types provided (typically the rooms available at this time are design singles, double rooms, and triple rooms), know that rooms are picked in order of lottery number and some options may not be available. Residence Life staff will be present during the selection process to help answer questions and finalize room selections.

Suggestions and Tips for Housing Selection:

  • Priority is given to students who have roommates identified. Students without roommates will participate in a housing selection process after Room Selection. Partially filled rooms will not be permitted at room drawing.
  • If students are interested in housing accommodations, please ensure you review our housing accommodations page as applications are due for primary review towards the end of January in the Spring Semester. This is to ensure we can accommodate these students prior to Housing Selection. Any applications submitted after our priority review will not be reviewed until June. 
  • As you go through the housing selection process, it is important to keep your housing preference in mind. The room selection process involves over 1,000 students, and your first choice of housing may go quickly. Please have other housing options in mind as you make your room selection.
  • You can find floor plans of the Residence Halls here, as we approach Housing Selection, students will have the ability to look at which rooms are available and are updated in live-time.

Interested in a Single?

  • We do have a limited amount of design singles that we give out during the Housing Selection Process. A design single is a room that has a maximum occupancy of one person and is often smaller than our double rooms. Historically we have only been able to provide 25-35 design singles across campus.
  • Additionally, sometimes Westminster College is able to provide students with a Super Single based on our available occupancy. A super single is a double occupancy room where only one student is in the space and buys out the entirety of the room, both sets of furniture must stay in the room. 
    • Students wishing to have a Super Single, will still need to pick an assignment during Housing Selection and will need to request to be put on a Super Single Waitlist - this only happens at Housing Selection
    • Super Singles are not guaranteed and students are chosen in order of their lottery number if they are available. Historically we have only been able to provide 10-20 super singles across campus.

Please reach out to your Resident Assistant or Residence Life if you need help or have questions. It is each student's responsibility to understand the housing selection process.