The Residence Halls at Westminster College are closed during Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Break of each academic year. Halls will remain open for both our Fall and Easter breaks for students. 

When our residence halls are closed, students are expected to leave campus during this time and will be notified ahead of time of closure dates and procedures. There are a few exceptions to this in which students are participating in Westminster College activities that are in session and extenuating circumstances in which students may request permission to stay on campus. Permission is not guaranteed and can be impacted by your conduct history. Students need to fill out our Break Housing Request Form, the form can be found in the link section of this page. 

Submissions will be reviewed and a response to your Westminster email will be sent with an approval or denial. There may be a daily charge of $30.00 applied for students during break housing. 

Any questions can be sent to 

Before leaving campus for any academic breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Break) we ask you to complete the following:

  • Close and lock all windows
  • Gather and empty all trash in the room
  • Unplug ALL electrical cords except fridges (with the exception of Winter Break - fridges must be emptied and unplugged during this break)
  • Turn lights off
  • Lock room doors 

Once you are ready to leave, complete and sign the form posted on your door from Residence Life, which reminds you of these policies. You will sign and date the form. 

When the Residence Halls close, Residence Life staff will perform Health and Safety Inspections upon your departure. Prohibited items in plain sight will be confiscated and students will be notified by their Area Coordinator. For a comprehensive list of items not allowed in the residence halls please check the Student Handbook.


Please use this link to see the opening and close dates for our residence halls. 

Please use this link to access our break housing request form. 

Students are able to use this link to request a shuttle service based on availability during break housing and opening and closing of the residence halls.