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The Tax Relief Act of 1997 requires eligible educational institutions to provide a statement to the IRS and to students who enrolled in credit courses and have a reportable transaction during each calendar year. Westminster College provides this information to the IRS electronically and to students on a 1098-T form. Students will receive a copy in the mail and can also access their 1098-T via their My.Westminster.

The 1098-T provides the amounts billed to you for qualified tuition and fees. The form also reports the amount of grants and scholarships the student receives during the same period. We provide supplemental information on the bottom of the 1098-T to provide students with detailed transactions from their records that do not qualify to be reported on the 1098-T. The supplemental information is NOT furnished to the IRS.

Westminster College does not furnish 1098-T forms if:

  • Student is a nonresident alien
  • If your 1098-T form was sent to an old or incorrect address.

Mailing Date:  1098-T’s will be mailed by January 31.

Mailing Address:  The 1098-T form will be mailed to your most recent record of home mailing address (that is the address you designate as a legal home permanent address). The addressee is responsible to get the form to the person completing their tax return.

Am I eligible for Education Credits?

The information provided is required by the IRS and does not represent tax advice from Westminster College. The taxpayer should refer to relevant IRS forms and publications or to their tax advisor and should not contact the College for advice relating to eligibility requirements or calculations of any allowable education tax credit. Additionally, you should retain your monthly statements to help determine the amount of the credit, if you determine you are eligible. It is up to you or your tax advisor to make this determination. For more information on the Hope Credit, Lifetime Learning Credit, or American Opportunity Credit, go to:

What are qualified charges?

Qualified charges include tuition and fees a student is required to pay “out-of-pocket” in order to be enrolled at or attend Westminster College. Charges and fees associated with room, board, student activities, athletics, insurance, transportation, and similar personal, living, or family expenses are not qualified.


What box on the 1098-T form should I use for my taxes?

Only amounts billed by the College are on the 1098-T form. Whenever a student or their parents want to claim the tax credit for educational expenses or any other tax benefits relating to higher education they must determine the amount of tuition actually paid – NOT BILLED. Any related qualified expenses for the American Opportunity Tax Credit need to be determined from records kept by the taxpayer, not the College. The College does not track these type of expenses on the 1098-T.

Can a student and a parent both qualify for the tax credit?

No. Only one tax filer can claim the education tax benefit.

Does study abroad tuition count as qualified charges on my 1098-T?

The tuition and fees portion of the student abroad program fee is deemed as qualified tuition for the purposes of determining education tax credits. Personal expenses and fees for costs such as room and board, insurance, medical expenses, transportation and similar living or family expenses are excluded from the definition of “tuition and related expense”.
***The Business Office is unable to provide specific tax advice; these types of questions should be addressed to a tax professional. However, if you have any questions related to the information provided on the 1098-T form please contact the Business Office at 724-946-7140.