Westminster College understands that you may like to spread out your payments for your tuition balance each semester. Installment Payment Plans through Cashnet  offer convenient, manageable ways to pay your tuition in interest-free monthly installments, rather than one lump sum. Make paying your tuition a little easier with an Installment payment plan through Cashnet.

Installment payment plans offer:

  • More time to pay
  • Interest-free payments
  • Convenient online access

How to Enroll in a Payment Plan:

Step 1: Logging In

Student Login

Login to your my.westminster account

Click on “Finances” tab

Click on “Go to CASHNet”

Choose “Installment Payment Plan” 

Payer Login (After Payer Account is Created by Student):

Go to

Choose “Installment Payment Plan” 


Step 2: Select a Tuition Payment Plan and Make Your First Payment

Choose a plan from those listed below:

07/01  5,4,3 Pay Fall Plan (fall only)

01/01  5,4 Pay Spring Plan (spring only)

Enter the dollar amount and follow through the various prompts.


If you are having difficulty creating a plan, please contact the Business Office at 724-946-7140 or CASHNet at 1-888-381-8054 for assistance.


Step 3:  Make timely monthly payments

Payers are required to make the first payment when enrolling in the plan.  For subsequent months, login to CASHNet and make the payment as follows:


Click on “Make a Payment”

Click on the Installment Payment Plan

Enter “Amount” (should equal the next payment due plus any applicable late fees)

Choose “Add to Payment”

Click “Continue”

Follow the prompts to enter payment information

**If you would like to enroll in automatic payments this is a separate step.  Otherwise you will need to login to make your monthly payments.


Payments under the plan will be reflected as reductions to the student account balance each month.

 Payment plan adjustments can be made at any time by logging in to CASHNet, clicking on the plan, entering a new budget amount, and agreeing to the new payment plan terms and Truth in Lending disclosures. 

Late Payments:

If payment is delinquent by 10 days past the due date, a 1% late fee from CASHNet will be charged (but no more than $5.00 per month).  The late fee plus the delinquent payment amount must be paid in order to stay current at the College.  A student account may also be subject to the College’s $100 late fee.  Accounts with delinquent payments will be put on financial hold, which prevents a student from registering and receiving transcripts and/or a diploma.  After two months delinquency, the payment plan contract will be terminated, and any balance on the student account for the semester will be immediately due. 

 Error on Payment:

If a payment is made via CASHNet, but was inadvertently not identified as an Tuition on a payment plan, please contact the Business Office as soon as possible at 724-946-7140 or so that the payment can be properly applied to the plan.