General Information:

The Business Office acts as custodian of the funds for the student general accounts.  Student General Deposit Tickets and Disbursement Vouchers are available at the Business Office.  All disbursements and deposits require the Advisor and the Treasurers signature.  If the Treasurer is absent for some reason, the President can sign in their place.

The student organizations are responsible to update their officers and/or advisor by following the process provided by Student Affairs.



Making Deposits:

  • Complete a Student General Deposit Ticket and present the deposit to one of the cashiers at the Business Office windows.
  • Include a description of the deposit on the ticket.
    Example: Fundraiser, dues, etc.
  • Checks must have the organizations account number written on the memo line.
  • Checks should be payable to Westminster College and NOT to the organization.
  • Deposits containing large amounts of coin must be wrapped ahead of time. The cashiers will provide the wrappers upon request.

Requesting Checks:

  • Complete a Student General Fund – Disbursement Voucher.
    This form must be completed in its entirety
  • The Disbursement Voucher must include the organization’s name, the payee, the complete address for the payee AND the social security or tax ID number for the payee. 
  • The social security or tax ID number are not necessary when requesting reimbursement for a current Westminster College student or advisor.
  • The signature of the organization’s treasurer AND the advisor are required on the Disbursement Voucher. If the payee is the treasurer, the president and advisor must sign the voucher. If the payee is the advisor, the treasurer and the Associate Dean must sign the voucher.
  • Check requests must be received by 12:30 p.m. on Thursday in the Business Office for same week processing.
  • Checks can be picked up the following day, Friday, after 12:00 p.m.
  • Checks are not mailed and must be picked up by the president, the treasurer, or the advisor. Proper identification is required.
  • A student general check payable to an individual can be picked up by that individual. Proper identification is required. *It is the responsibility of the president or treasurer to notify the individual about the check
  • Anyone picking up checks is required to sign for them.
  • A W9 must be complete for vendors with paid amounts over $600 in one given year (unless a W9 is already on file with the college for the vendor)

Account Details:

  • The account spendable balance can be accessed online by the advisor through their My.Westminster under the Finances tab, choose Calculate Agency Fund Balance,enter only the department number (5 digits). This will generate a report showing the organization and the available balance.
  • Detailed account transactions can also be accessed by the advisor through their My.Westminster under the Finances tab, choose Lookup GL Account Information,choose Partial Account, enter 07 for the fund and enter the department number (5 digits), choose the year and the beginning and ending period, choose Go,click on the bold numbers to view the detail.
  • The advisor is responsible for providing this information to the treasurer. The Business Office does not print statements.