All resident students are required to purchase a new meal plan every semester. Consider the following points when making your meal plan selection:

  • First year students are limited to one of four plans; Titan 17, Titan 10, Titan 7 or Titan 5.  See the Meal Plan Choices Brochure for First Year Students for details.
  • There are 8 available meal plans in 3 pricing tiers for returning students. See the Meal Plan Choices Brochure for Returning Students for details.
  • The fixed number of meals offered per week can only be used in Duff Student Restaurant.
  • Dine Dollars can be used in Duff Student Restaurant, The TUB Food Court and The Titan Club.
  • Dine Dollars are different than Titan Dollars. For more information about Titan Dollars see the Titan Card section.
  • If you run out of Dine Dollars, you can add more to your account via the "GET" application or in person at the Titan Card Office with cash or check.  Titan Dollars or cash may also be used to purchase meals/food items. 
  • Students can keep track of their meal plan and Titan Card balances via the "GET" application
  • Dine Dollars from the fall semester will carry over to the Spring semester, as long as you remain a resident student and purchase a meal plan for the spring semester. All Dine Dollars will be forfeited at the end of the spring semester.
  • Meal plan changes can be made in the Titan Card Office for a limited period of time during the first week of class each semester.

Additional information about Dining Services can be found on their website.

Questions regarding your Meal Plan should be directed to the Titan Card Coordinator, Barb Linebaugh at 724-946-6071 or or the Business Manager, Janet Smith at 724-946-7139 or

About "GET"

GET is a new App that students, faculty and staff may use to check their meal plan balance, add Dine Dollars, add Titan Dollars, view transactions and to report their card lost or found, if needed.  You can add funds (Titan and Dine) using a credit card you attach to your account.  You will have access to the funds immediately.  You may also add funds via cash or check in the Titan Card office. The minimum to add is $25.00 and the maximum to add is $200.00.

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