The mission of the Residence Life program at Westminster College is to contribute to the development and education of students by creating inclusive communities in which students can:

  • feel safe to explore new ideas
  • be challenged to relate to others with respect and compassion
  • be supported in self discovery
  • be supported to solve problems autonomously

Rooted in the Westminster College mission, the mission of the Residence Life program supports the academic endeavor of students.  Further, the Residence Life program supports the quest for excellence that Westminster College espouses for all students.  To this end, the following are learning outcomes for students involved in the Residence Life program:

Knowledge acquisition, integration, and application

Students will learn life skills and will be able to connect classroom learning to real life experiences.

Civic Awareness and Engagement

Students will learn to contribute to and affect positive change within individual communities and the world at large.

Intra/Interpersonal Relationships

Students will learn about self through reflection, learn about others through collaboration, and develop communication skills to connect the two.

Diversity Awareness/Cultural Competence

Students will discover that their unique experiences, beliefs, values and culture affect the way they see the world and others in it.

Identity Development

Students will participate in programs, processes, and leadership opportunities that assist in the development of their sense of spirituality, purpose, worldview, and authentic identity.