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SGA functions in the same manner as the United States Congress and the executive branch of the U.S. government. The executive branch includes the student body president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and an appointed cabinet. The legislative branch consists of senators who are elected each year to represent the students in the College community. Senators are elected on the basis of class standing. Senators work with the administration and faculty of the College to determine the policies and concerns of Westminster. The committees were established by SGA to provide a means of communication and cooperation among various interest groups within the College.
Slate Hughes
Cory Hughes, President
Channing Pifer, Vice President
Regino Flores, Secretary
David Jamieson, Treasurer
Jordan Sherman, Diversity Chair
Heaven Brown, Special Events Chair
Chris Israel, Student Concerns Chair
Carl Carptenter, Finance Chair
Anna Daniels, Academics Chair
Chloe Knappenberger, Service Chair
Amelia Hartzell, Public Relations
Senior Class Senators
Kyle Daly, Ryan Foley, Ben Gaul, Nolan Randall, Nicole Omeis, Paul Carswell
Junior Class Senators
John Arcuri, Anthony Easely, Caity Kourakos, Michael McClain, Natasha Pacifico, Jennifer Piascik,
Austin Ruediger, Matt Slagle, Gabriella Tissue, Shane Wilson, Macaya Yao, Denver Baker
Sophomore Senators
 Megan Douds, Nataleigh Kerr, Morgan Kohler, Cassidy Kovacicek, Marissa Miller, Christian Na, Alix Rea, Alex Rollo-Smith, Natalee Ross, Elizabeth Smith, Rachel Trauner
First Year Senators
Michael Angiolelli, Taylor Chock-Wong, Galiana Clark, Sarah Conn, Tanner Easley, Emily Eyler, Keely Flynn, Jessica Garcia Ramirez, Maria John, Kelsey Smith, Samuel Stewart, Matthew McDonald
Neal Edman, Ed.D. Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Gina Vance, M.Ed. Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Michael Aleprete, Ph.D., Associate Professor/Program Coordinator, Political Science

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