SGA functions in the same manner as the United States Congress and the executive branch of the U.S. government. The executive branch includes the student body president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and an appointed cabinet. The legislative branch consists of senators who are elected each year to represent the students in the College community. Senators are elected on the basis of class standing. Senators work with the administration and faculty of the College to determine the policies and concerns of Westminster. The committees were established by SGA to provide a means of communication and cooperation among various interest groups within the College.
Slate Pollio
Noah Pollio, President
Allison Sherman, Vice President
Mitchel Henderson, Treasurer
Jess Reabe, Secretary
Emma Neel, Academics Chairperson
 Shaemour Young, Diversity Chairperson
Olivia Jacobson, Community Engagement Chairperson 
Logan Minch, Student Concerns Chairperson
Senior Class Senators
Olivia Jacobson, Jack Karson, Owen Meilander, Logan Minch, Sydney Rankin, Sara Small
Junior Class Senators
Stephen Adametz, Teddy Curcio, Karly Froess, Abby Green, Emma Keaney, Emma Neel, Lindsey Oliver
Sophomore Class Senators
Chloe Hankey, Taylor Harmon, Kelsey Humes, Alex Marinski, Mykenzie Riggle, Noah Sofran, Paige Williams, Blake Wilt
 First-Year Senators
Isabella Buettner, Amauni Campbell, Gabrielle DiDolce, Gianna Lepore, Ellis Moore, Mia Sherman, Reaghan Wilkerson, Ally Zervanos
Special Senate Officers
Stephen Adametz, Green Chair
Teddy Curcio, Parliamentarian
Owen Meilander, Chaplin
Gina Vance, M.Ed. Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Tammy Swearingen, Professor/Assistant Athletic Director/Head Volleyball Coach
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