The Environmental Project Management Academy (EPMA) program is a National Science Foundation funded project that is structured as a cluster course combining ES 160 Concepts of Environmental Science and BA 250 Principles and Practices of Project Management.  ES 160 emphasizes scientific literacy and the major environmental issues facing our planet, while BA 250 develops the competencies and skills needed to effectively manage a project’s life cycle by understanding the project’s scope, effectively communicating the project’s progression, appropriately estimating expected costs, and functioning as a cohesive project team. The beginning of the semester will be a “crash course” in these two disciplines followed by the application of these disciplines in the execution of a 9-week environmental service learning project.  Project work will be planned and executed by small, interdisciplinary student teams, in which each student will have the opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills by rotating through the role of team leader.   The cluster includes a one-hour weekly leadership seminar embedded into the course meetings time during which students further develop intangible skills that are applicable to the team-based project work.  Through the EPMA program, students will collaborate with community stakeholders as they integrate knowledge of environmental science, project management, and soft skills with project work on environmental issues relevant to the region.

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