Tutoring or remedial services are not required by either the Americans with Disabilities Act or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. However, Westminster College does have peer tutoring available.
Learning Center
Mrs. Sally Huey directs the Learning Center, which is located on the second floor of Thompson-Clark. If you would like tutoring in a specific subject, help with a paper, some ideas of how to improve your reading, or some help with study skills, this is the place to go! Tutors are selected from students who have high grades and have been recommended by their department heads.
Education Assistants Program
Education Assistants will help you organize your schedule, plan for an upcoming paper or project, schedule time to prepare for an exam, and help you become connected to campus resources. Education Assistants will also provide mobility assistance, reading for students with vision impairment or dyslexia, or may help proctor exams or take notes.
Education Assistants try to be flexible and can be available based on your schedule.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you keep your appointments so they can be available to other students.