for Students with Physical Disabilities

Student Responsibilities

It is extremely important that you are familiar with your needs if there is an emergency evacuation from your residence hall, classroom, or any building on campus. You are expected to convey these needs to the Director of Disability Support Services, the Associate Dean of Student Affairs: Residence Life and Leadership Development, and/or your Residence Director, and your instructors within the first week of each semester.
  1. Be familiar with the building exits.
  2. Know the safest method to use to assist you.
  3. Know how many people would be needed to provide you with assistance.
  4. Be prepared to explain how and where a person(s) should support you.
  5. When possible, practice the instructions beforehand.
Fire Evacuation
If there is a fire alarm, first check the hallway to see if it is clear of smoke. If no smoke is present and it is safe, go to the nearest exit, but do not use the elevator. If there is not an accessible exit, have someone contact the fire personnel for assistance and remain as close to the stairs as you can without hindering the exit of others. If there is smoke or flames in the hallway, keep the doors closed to the room. If possible, place wet towels under the door and call 7777 (or 911 from a cell phone). Give the operator the exact location of where you are and wait until someone arrives to give you assistance.
Tornado Evacuation
The safest place to be is in the interior hallway on the lowest floor. If it is not possible to get to the lowest floor, locate yourself away from windows and in the interior hallway if possible.
Faculty and Staff Responsibilities
Faculty and staff are expected to direct emergency evacuation from their classroom or area. When the evacuation involves a student who is unable to leave without assistance, provide the assistance according to the student's directions given at the first week of each semester.
If you are on campus, dial Ext. 7777 (Campus Emergency Dispatch)
If you are off campus, dial 911