The Westminster College Department of Public Safety supports the College educational and development experience by providing essential safety, security, and emergency management planning & response to the campus community 24 hours a day/365 days per year. Some of our critical functions and support services include: security patrols, physical security (locking/unlocking buildings/rooms), emergency messaging, investigations, incident response, law enforcement coordination, safety/security inspections, fire safety & prevention, emergency management planning & coordination, basic first aid/CPR, special event security, parking enforcement/traffic control, student transports (medical issues and safety & security), and campus training on various public safety and security topics.

The Department of Public Safety is composed of a dedicated and professional team of 13 Public Safety Officers, an Administrative Assistant, Supervisor, and Director who possess a wide range of training and experiences that includes military law enforcement, civilian law enforcement (state police and municipal), security management, and fire and emergency services. All officers are certified in First Aid, CPR & how to use the AED.

The Department of Public Safety plays an integral role in the campus safety and security mission and believes strongly in the community-oriented approach. The Public Safety Department is located in room 252 of the McKelvey Campus Center.


On-Campus: 7777
Off-Campus & Cell Phones: (724) 946-7777
Public Safety Office:
(724) 946-7126
On Campus: 7126

Director: Phillip R. Lenz
(724) 946-6216
On Campus: 6216