Residence Life strives to ensure an equitable, inclusive, and safe living environment for all residential Westminster students. We hold that campus living is an important and invaluable social experience at Westminster. In order to ensure that all students can participate in the campus residence experience, as fully as possible, we provide reasonable housing accommodations to students with disabilities.

The Housing Accommodation Review process is intended to ensure that any requested housing accommodation 1) is reasonable and practicable, 2) does not substantially alter the intended goals and provisions of Westminster’s existing residence policies, and 3) serves to resolve, ameliorate, or address one or more significant barriers to accessing a safe, inclusive, and equitable residence housing environment, which are directly associated with a student’s diagnosed disability.

To begin the process, contact the Student Affairs Office to schedule an appointment with the Associate Dean.

Timeline and Due Dates
The process for the 2019-2020 academic year has concluded, and if a student has a new diagnosis that requires housing accommodation please contact the Student Affairs Office for details. 

On/Off Campus Accommodations
Please note that our priority is to make accommodations within our campus housing options.  We are able to provide a variety of environments that can meet the needs of many of our students with medical/psychological conditions.  

Dietary Needs
If the basis of your request is dietary (desire to be removed from the meal plan), your request should be made through the Office of Disability Services.  While there may be housing implications, these accommodations are not housing accommodations.


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