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Graduate School at University of Buffalo

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ResPAC was founded at Westminster College in 2009 to serve the needs of biology students who have an interest in a career in scientific research. It was modeled on the already established, MedPAC committee (which serves students with an interest in healthcare professions). ResPAC was started in response to an increased student interest in post graduate research and their requests for career guidance. Since 2009, ResPAC membership has expanded and now includes students from Chemistry, Neuroscience, Physics, Math and Computer Science. The committee is a faculty-run committee comprised of representatives from the departments of Biology, Chemistry and Math and Computer Science. The ResPAC committee organizes regular workshops which provide students with information about career and internship opportunities, help them to find and apply for appropriate graduate programs and help them prepare for standardized tests. The committee also maintains an e-mail mailing list through which students receive regular updates about new opportunities and programs. In addition, we offer students some personal services such as mock interviews and resume advice.

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REUs (Research Experiences for Undergraduates)

Resources for finding summer research experiences

Graduate Program Registries and Databases

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