Employers are encouraged to contact Bethany Lockie at the Professional Development Center at (724) 946-7338 or lockiebj@westminster.edu   to arrange internship opportunities.

Internships may be served during:

  • Fall Semester
  • Semester Break (Dec. - Jan.)
  • Spring Semester
  • Summer
  • Mid-April through Mid-May (certain departments)

Students may earn one to four semester hours of credit, although most earn four. (1 credit hour = 40 hours of work)

Compensation for an intern is at the discretion of the sponsor. Some internships are unpaid, some provide a stipend to compensate students' expenses, and others provide an hourly wage.

Sponsors are expected to provide:

  • Significant and suitable work
  • Regular supervision
  • Formal evaluation
  • Instruction through example

Contact Jennifer Hough at houghja@westminster.edu or at (724) 946-7339 or (724) 946-6314 (fax) to post full-time employment opportunities for Westminster students and alumni.

Contact Bethany Lockie at lockiebj@westminster.edu or at (724) 946-7338 or (724) 946-6314 (fax) to post internships as well as part-time and summer job opportunities for Westminster students.