The focus of the IQ STEM grant is to use experiential learning and increased practicum experiences to improve the quality of secondary STEM educators. A goal of the Noyce program is to recruit individuals with strong STEM backgrounds who might otherwise not have considered a career in K-12 teaching. Ideal candidates demonstrate academic leadership characteristics as well as a desire to increase their knowledge of mathematics, science, and/or education.

This page provides detailed information for both prospective scholars and students currently in the IQ:STEM scholarship program at Westminster

Contact Information

If you have questions regarding the IQ:STEM program please feel free to contact us.

For information regarding marketing, outreach, teaching requirements and general procedures for the grant contact:

Dr. Amy Camardese  Professor of Education

    (724) 946-7183  or

For information regarding the application process and STEM requirements for the grant contact,

Dr. Karen K. Resendes  Associate Professor of Biology:

    (724)-946-7211  or

Alternatively you can send questions to


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