Westminster College Equestrian Team

Website: http://westminsterequestria.wix.com/wcet

Any full time Westminster College student in good academic standing is welcome to join the team. The team is comprised of a variety of horse experience. In fact, many of our team members had zero riding experience prior to joining. Our members come from a variety of unique and diverse backgrounds, and have in common a simple love of horses and riding. 

An annual membership fee is required, which covers some of the costs of lessons. The Student Government Association plays an integral part in providing funding for the equestrian team's lessons and program fees. For a much reduced cost, the team also offers a non-riding membership. Designed for new members, but open to everyone, this membership allows individuals to take part in all activities except the riding lessons. This allows those who are new to riding the opportunity to "get their feet wet" in this wonderful sport. 

Membership opportunities include:

  • 15 riding lessons
  • Unmounted meetings
  • Biweekly meetings
  • Workshops and activities to expose members to all types of riding
  • Horse care and management lessons and clinics
  • Fundraising
  • Demonstrations
  • IHSA Showing
  • Team Dinners

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