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All students are permitted to have cars at Westminster but parking anywhere on campus requires a current Westminster College parking decal. Students must register their vehicles within two working days of bringing it to campus. Decals may be purchased at the Public Safety Office in the McKelvey Campus Center. The cost is $70.00 per year. Advance sale of decals begins in late April of each year and proceeds by class priority. Starting on August 1, permits for all class levels, including first year students, can be purchased by mail. When purchasing a decal the following current documents must be presented 1) Vehicle Ownership Card; 2) Vehicle Proof of Insurance Card; and 3) Student ID Card to the Public Safety Office in the McKelvey Campus Center. For purchase by mail, print out and complete the vehicle registration form found in the Public Safety portion of My Westminster. Enclose a copy of the current vehicle registration and insurance cards & a check for $70 made payable to Westminster College and mail to: Public Safety Department, Westminster College, McKelvey Campus Center, New Wilmington, PA 16172. Pre-issued decals may be picked up at the Public Safety Office upon arrival on campus by presenting your student ID. Distribution hours are from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

At the start of the fall semester, all permits are sold on a first-come basis until the limit of 220 decals per class level is reached. Once any class level reaches its 220 decal limit, no more decals will be issued for that class level; however, sales will continue for other levels until they meet their cap as well.

If anyone changes vehicles during the academic year, the College will replace the decal free of charge. There is a nominal fee for replacement of lost decals. Students with permanent or temporary disabilities may be issued special permits enabling them to use the parking spaces reserved for that purpose. These additional permits are issued free of charge for students with Westminster College parking decals.

During the academic week the campus is essentially pedestrian in nature.
Drivers are assigned specific lots in which to park their vehicle and these are the only lot they may use. Parking in lots closest to the academic buildings is reserved exclusively for employees and students who live outside of the immediate New Wilmington area and commute to class every day. Students living in fraternity houses or in-town apartments are not considered commuters.

Parking lots are conveniently posted with color-coded signs that match the colors of the parking decals. The simple rule to follow is that if the colored triangles on the lot signs do not match the color of your decal then you may not park your vehicle in that lot. Public Safety will enforce the parking regulations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Student vehicles with parking decals will be permitted in non reserved spaces in the following parking lots Beeghly, Shaw, Minteer, Admissions, Hoyt & Visitor Football Lots daily between the hours of 5:00 PM until 1:00 AM and weekends from 5 PM Friday until 1 AM Monday. Exception: Major events at McKelvey or Orr Auditorium (ex. Celebrity Series Shows when the parking lots are reserved for guests and handicapped parking), an e-mail notice will be sent or signs will be posted as notification for major events.

Some employees of Westminster College use their personal vehicles while performing their duties. These Special Service Vehicles are issued orange hang tags that exempt them from the College parking regulations during the times that they are being used to support College operations. Emergency vehicles are also exempt from these regulations. The roads on the campus are considered public highways under the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code and all traffic laws can be enforced by police officers that have jurisdiction on the campus. The departments are the Westminster College Public Safety Department, New Wilmington Borough Police, and Pennsylvania State Police.


Westminster has a strict policy of towing. The College reserves the right to tow any vehicle that is obstructing traffic, disrupting College operations, or parked on the grass or in tow-away zones. Vehicles that receive three tickets in an academic year for parking on campus without a decal will be towed on sight on all subsequent violations. Persons who accumulate seven parking tickets for any reason in an academic year will have their on-campus parking privileges rescinded for the remainder of that year. These vehicles will be towed each time they are found on campus after the rescission. All towing will be at the expense of the owner of the towed vehicle. Vehicles will be taken to an impound area and will be assessed a storage fee for each day they are impounded. If a wrecker is not available, a $115.00 fine will be assessed for parking on campus while parking privileges are revoked.

Violations & Fines

The most common violations on the campus and the associated fines are as follows:
  • Parking in a space reserved for handicapped: $50.00
  • Parking with expired or no permit: $30.00
  • Unauthorized use of a parking permit: $20.00
  • Parking in a no parking area: $10.00
  • Parking where no space exists: $10.00
  • Parking in a reserved space or lot: $10.00
  • Parking where reserved by cone or marker: $10.00
  • Blocking a driveway, walkway, loading zone, or other vehicle: $10.00
  • Improper display of a parking decal: $5.00
Westminster College is a Campus Community that relies upon all of its citizens to comply with our policies in order to better serve everyone. Parking policies are specifically designed to accommodate the maximum number of drivers by utilizing all available spaces. However, most parking spaces are on the outer perimeter of the campus with the center being primarily pedestrian. Resident students who bring vehicles to the campus are expected to secure a space in their designated parking area and leave their vehicle unless they are traveling to an off campus location. Commuting students and employees are expected to allow sufficient time in their travel schedules to accommodate walking time from a parking lot to their workstation or classroom.

Proper planning and consideration for others will ensure that our campus remains a friendly and supportive environment that enhances the overall well being of our entire community. The Public Safety Department thanks you in advance for your support of our programs and wishes you Happy Motoring.