Alcohol and Other Drugs

Everfi courses prepare new college students for the unique challenges and responsibilities of college life. Focusing on minimizing the risks associated with alcohol, drugs and sexual violence, and Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates  take a harm-reduction approach that resonate with students and result in a healthy campus culture that fosters learning and growing intellectually.

An interactive website that educates users about how alcohol consumption affects blood alcohol concentrations (BAC).

An organization dedicated to educating on alcohol abuse and helping guide people towards recovery.

Teen addiction treatment finder


A service of Columbia Univ. Healthwise program. Contains information on sexuality, sexual health, general health, alcohol and other drugs, fitness and nutrition, emotional well being, and relationships.
Health stories, updated weekly

Operated by the Mayo Clinic. This site provides articles about virtually every medical topic you can imagine. It also provides information about more than 8000 prescription & over-the-counter drugs.

Sexual Health

Sex Ed for the real world...inclusive, comprehensive and smart sexuality information and help for teens and 20s.

Information on sexually transmitted infections and testing.

Information on emergency contraception.

Online resource for obtaining birth control pills