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Faculty development at Westminster College is an ongoing process to keep the faculty at their best in their teaching, scholarship, and the necessary intersection of those two activities. Faculty development activities include, but are not limited to:

  • The weekly Faires Faculty Forum where faculty members present their recent scholarship, including the scholarship of teaching and learning.
  • Occasional small group training sessions on current topics in technology, teaching, and scholarship.
  • Formal development seminars for new faculty members, for all faculty members at the beginning of the academic year, and for nominated faculty members at the close of the academic year.
  • Support for faculty scholarship in the forms of conference funding, research grants, and faculty development grants.
  • Sabbatical proposal preparation and review.
  • Consultation on external grant applications.
  • Individual consultation on any faculty development issue, including
    • Faculty review portfolio construction
    • Teaching issues, techniques and problems and
    • Resources for professional development

Promote your Accomplishments

Model Syllabi

Blurbs that can be copied or modified for your syllabus.  Permission for use has been given by the faculty member named.

Curriculum Committee Presentation (.pdf, 1009K)

Description of what Curriculum Committee is looking for in syllabi for a new course proposal


Syllabus Tips (.pdf, 50K)

Sandra Webster's Syllabus Top Ten

Model Academic Integrity statements which can be copied (.pdf, 107K)
Model Accessibility Statements which can be copied (.pdf, 53K)
Learning Contract (.pdf, 13K)

Keith Bittel's Learning Contract for ACC 201

IP Outcomes (.pdf, 60K)

A summary of outcomes for each of the IP categories

Articles on Teaching
Links to articles on teaching (.docx, 13K)
Helicopter Professors (.pdf, 263K)

Grant, Emily, Helicopter Professors (January 23, 2017). Available at SSRN: or

Memo to Students on Cheating (.pdf, 26K)

From Faculty Focus, Maryellen Weimer writes a memo on the consequences of cheating to her students.  

External Funding Opportunities
Links to External Funding Opportunities (.docx, 12K)
Writing a Grant: a Presentation by Marianne Jordan, M&Q (.ppt, 2946K)
Faires Faculty Forum
Spring 2018 Faires Faculty Forum Schedule (.pdf, 829K)
Fall 2017 Faires Faculty Forum Schedule (.pdf, 1011K)
Spring 2017 Faires Faculty Forum Schedule (.pdf, 929K)
Fall 2016 Faires Faculty Forum Schedule (.pdf, 1120K)
Spring 2016 Faires Faculty Forum Schedule (.pdf, 913K)
For New Faculty Members
Syllabus 101 (.docx, 13K)

A list of links on this page to help you write a syllabus.

Sample syllabus for a first year laboratory class (Chemistry 180) (.pdf, 50K)
Sample syllabus for a beginning liberal studies class (Inquiry 101) (.docx, 11K)

Coming in Spring 2018

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

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