On an as needed basis, Counseling Services offers support groups. A support group is several people of similar concerns that meet together regularly to set goals and monitor each other’s progress. The Counselors serve as the group facilitator. Groups are focused on a particular topic and usually meet weekly for three to six weeks, depending on the needs of the group. These groups meet in the Counselors' Waiting Area, a comfortable and private area with ample space to accommodate groups of up to eight students. Each group member is expected to maintain confidentiality and to attend on a regular basis.

Examples of Group offered are: Adjusting to College, Stress Management, Body Image and Eating.

Contact either of the Counselors if there is a particular group you are interested in and/or to find out more information. Groups being offered are well advertised via email and campus publications.

The Counselors may be able to refer you to Groups outside the college as well.