For friends, residence life, faculty, staff or parents concerned about students

If you have concerns about the emotional well being of a Westminster student, please feel free to ask one of the counselors for help or advice:

Helping a friend in distress
The Counselors are available to talk with students who are worried about a friend, whether it is a roommate, teammate, sorority sister, fraternity brother or classmate. There may be alcohol problems, an eating disorder or other situations that need attention. The Counselors will work with you to care for your friend and also for yourself. This can be difficult and sometimes people need specific suggestions as to how to approach and speak with the friend. Call the Counselors for a consultation (see above information) for copies of the following pamphlets: 
Services for residence life staff
The Counselors will often consult with an RA who may be concerned about a student on their floor. Usually the RA will consult first with his or her RD and/or Assistant Dean of Student Affairs/Residence Life. The RA may need coaching in handling issues that are impacting on the residence hall generated by a specific problem. The Counselors will meet with the entire floor or hall as needed. An example may be the death of a student or severely disruptive behaviors (such as suicide attempt or other out of control behaviors).
Services to faculty or staff
Personal counseling is not offered to faculty or staff, although a single session for consultation and/or referral is welcome. The Wellness Center staff and the Counselors have a current mental health referral list available for people who would like to find counseling in the area.

If a faculty or staff member has a concern about a student in distress, please feel free to call either of the Counselors to discuss some problem-solving strategies that would benefit the student. Remember the Counselors may not disclose any information about a particular student without a signed written permission. For emergencies, call Campus Security at x7777.

In addition, remember to notify the Dean of Student Affairs if ever there is a student that has threatened or attempted suicide. Student Affairs will take immediate action in order to ensure the safety of a student.