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Katie Farley (’13), previous Westminster College Audio Visual Services staff member, is attending Yale University in Connecticut where she investigates structures and interactions of proteins as well as attempting to find additional genes involved w...

Mobile technology is emerging within today’s classrooms at a rapid rate, and as BYOT (Bring your own technology) programs are rolled out in k-12 schools across the country, college’s need to determine what the impact will be on higher educatio...

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Want to submit an image?

AV invites all photographers to submit images for a chance to be published on the department's website, and have them included in the department's annual calendar. Photographers can submit as many as 10 images each month up through the 20th of each month. Images will be reviewed by AV staff at the month's final staff meeting, and one entry will be chosen for publication on the AV website starting the first day of each month. All submitted images will be considered for inclusion in the department's annual calendar.

Photographers can submit images for consideration via the Image of the Month Submission Form.
Submissions will be accepted until 6 PM on the 20th of each month.
Photographers need not be registered or affiliated with Westminster College.
At least 12 photos from all the images submitted will be featured in the AV Calendar.

Submission Guidelines:

  • The image must in some way be connected to Westminster College. (This is wide open for interpretation. We welcome creative ideas!)
  • The image should display the elements of a great photograph including interesting subject matter, good exposure, strong composition, interesting detail, beautiful light, storytelling, etc.
  • The image should capture a moment or subject from a fresh perspective.
  • Please do not submit any images containing nudity or material that could be deemed offensive by the general public.

Note: By submitting your images, you are confirming that the images were created by you, and that you are granting permission to Westminster AV Services all publication, display, and usage rights for any purpose whatsoever, without restriction or additional actions of any kind.

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