Spring 2015

  • Tiny Housing Project pitched at at faculty meeting by Boylan as part of the "Chair's Idea Pot"
  • Two follow-up brainstorming sessions on the project were held
  • Tiny Housing Project, along with other ideas from the "Idea Pot," was presented to EPC of the Board of Trustees at the May meeting
    • EPC requested a more fully developed proposal on the Tiny Housing Project

Summer 2015

  • With input from interested parties, Boylan developed a draft proposal on the Tiny Housing Project (see proposal in Handouts)

Fall 2015

  • Boylan presented Tiny Housing Project proposal to the EPC of the Board of Trustees at their October meeting; EPC agreed to move forward with the plans
  • President's Office agreed to fund $2,500 budget for planning during Fall 2015 semester
  • Kick-off meeting held 11/5; various stakeholders represented (see presentation and meeting notes in Handouts)

Spring 2016

  • Student planning team assembled and started to work on project.
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) launched March 2016.
  • Student planning team worked on tiny house design with architect Jeremy Beatty and construction consultant Ed Petrus.
  • Team researched various aspects of the project, including zoning and code issues and green building design.
  • Team hosted tiny house construction expert Bill Rockhill on campus.
  • Team presented about project to various groups (Shenango on the Green, Kiwanis Club, Rotary Club, Professional Networking Symposium).

Summer 2016

  • Olivia Sniezek worked as the team's summer student worker.
  • Team participated in various outreach events (Fireworks Festival, Summerfest).
  • Team maintained active social media presence over the summer.
  • Team hosted two update meetings that were well attended by community members.
  • Collaboration with New Castle School of Trades was formalized, and work on the trailer began.
  • Boylan presented on project to Lawrence County Boroughs leadership.
  • Boylan completed draft detailed budget for tiny house.