This site is dedicated to planning and discussion surrounding the Tiny Housing Project at Westminster College.  The goal with this site is to enable those who are interested, but not able to attend planning meetings, to stay in the loop on the project and to contribute to the discussion on the project (discussion under Forum).  This site is open to the entire campus community (faculty, students, administrators, staff).

The project will evolve over time but will benefit from input and reflection from many sources.  Current plans include the following:

  • Phase I (AY 2015-2016): Planning, marketing, and logistics for one tiny house.
  • Phase II (AY 2016-2017): Community build of first tiny house; pilot testing student living-learning experience achieved through a rotation model (1-2 week experience for each student, pending ability to deal with dormitory codes).
  • Phase III (AY 2017-2018): Continued student living-learning experience achieved through a rotation model; assessment of project to determine if a larger community of tiny houses would be beneficial.

Feel free to contact Helen Boylan at with any questions/concerns that may not be appropriate for the public forum.