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7 time management tips for schoolchildren and students Original post: Thu 11/26/2020 at 2:00 AM

Whether you study at school or university, you face the same challenges: how can you plan your time more effectively as a student or a student to maximize your success?

First, ask yourself these questions:

Do you feel that you have no balance in your life and that you are overwhelmed?
Can't you find a balance between your personal life and your studies?
Are you stressed by your busy study schedule?

If you answer "yes" to any of the questions and the lack of time annoys and frustrates you, remember: if you manage your time efficiently, you can learn better, have more time for everything, and even to communicate with friends. And it is true! You won't have to feel guilty anymore, because you spent time on yourself and your hobbies, not on studying.

Let's consider how to move from stress to success in your studies in just seven steps.

1. Task list? - You will become smarter when you start to create task lists for the day and set goals at least for the near future.

A clever student knows his goals. The smartest student knows his goals in detail, he knows exactly what to do to achieve them and what to sacrifice. Do you feel the difference?

Start by making a list of goals every week. Write down at least three important, short-term goals that you want to achieve.

This could be a meeting with a tutor twice a week to tighten the chemistry. Or a proper diet to increase your energy level, and as a result, be more attentive in class.

No matter what your goals are, stick to them and do your best to achieve them!

2. Perform the hardest task first. There can't be two opinions - you won't be able to manage your time efficiently if you delay. That is why this advice may be the most important for you. Start using it today! After all, when you hesitate, you waste time and usually in large quantities. Look into the eyes of your fear.

If you avoid your math homework, do it first. As soon as you finish a task that you have persistently avoided, you will be practically free for the rest of the day.

You will be able to do more, and you will feel better, without putting off work for "later.

3. The secret of your success is your priorities. While your parents said you had to learn to earn a good grade, they overlooked the fact that they put a commitment on you to be a "star pupil" day after day, without interruption.

Your secret to time management is to be able to distribute your energy according to priorities to use it where you really need it.

For example, imagine a flashlight. If you turn it on and leave it on for a few days, even though you don't need it, the battery will eventually run out quickly. What happens next week when you really need a flashlight?

You should never waste all your energy unnecessarily. You're smart, capable, talented, ask yourself the question - do I use my "energy charge" efficiently?

Think about when you need energy the most (for example, when you need to remember a million French phrases for the upcoming exam) or when you need to write a premium essays or maybe when you need to save at least some energy (like at a party on Thursday).

Apply this advice to your daily schedule and you will be successful!

4. Find a permanent place for the keys - be successful in your studies and life. Time management is about organizing everything around you. Answer the following question: "At this very moment, do you know where your car or apartment keys are lying? If you do not know the answer, you are unorganized. And if you are unorganized - you do not use your time efficiently!

Make a small change in your life and self-organization - find a place for each thing. This means you just have to nail the key hook and leave it there every time you come home. Or find another place.

Create a file on your computer for each item. This way you will eliminate many problems that often make you feel exhausted. Wake up a little early to avoid the rush and finally get there on time.

The result of your studies will exceed not only your expectations, but also your teacher's.

5. Aim for success and eliminate stress. Are you stressed by everything you have to do and what are you responsible for? If you are a student, you are in a "good" company - everyone feels the same way here.

Fortunately, you have more control and opportunities than you are used to thinking. The fact is that stress and time management go hand in hand in life, and when you win one, you can win the other. Start with stress elimination - every day write down or mark the list of all that you have already done, achieved, you have succeeded this week!

It can be something small, like talking to your teacher about an issue for yesterday's lecture, or something more, like waking up an hour early and doing exercises before class starts.

Focusing on success will reduce stress, and it will save you time.

6. Stop resisting. When you face a failure (e.g., a bad grade for a coursework or presentation), do not dwell on what you did wrong. There is no need to think about every tiny detail. Ask yourself questions, give honest answers to them and draw conclusions. Now move on and prove that your inner criticism is wrong - you can do it!

When you stop resisting, all you have to do is to start solving problems as they come in and see the situation as it is, not to think: "How to live this week and not tear your hair?

Start with the first item on your to-do list. If you have an English class now, that's the only thing you should be worried about. Don't worry about what the rest of the day will bring you, but instead focus on what you're doing now. Hone your ability to use the moment and focus on the task at hand.

When you pay attention to each moment, you will soon notice that time will start to work in your favor.

7. Say goodbye to self-pity. Trying to feel sorry for yourself is a waste of time. Do you really have time to play the role of a victim? Most likely, you will not find such time in your busy schedule. Say goodbye to the self-pity whiner, and make room to do more and complete all the tasks on the to-do list.

Do it by translating negative thoughts into positive ones. If you think, "I will never finish on time," stop thinking like that. Better imagine your success - visualize how you will feel shaking the hand of your professor, as he says that you have done a great and important job. Imagine you're going to an interview where you've been asked an offer you couldn't refuse.

Your hard work and hard work will pay off as soon as you leave your tears and regrets behind.

When you prioritize, organize, and relieve stress by focusing on your success, you will be a student who is confident and learning with ease. Then you will find that you are effective and manage your own time, and you are ready to cope with anything - a study schedule or "school of life" - you can do it all now!

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Re: 7 time management tips for schoolchildren and students Posted: Sat 12/5/2020 at 10:08 PM, in reply to guest guest

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