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Exploring Final Fantasy 14's Incredible Virtual Theater Shows Original post: Tue 5/26/2020 at 3:53 AM

"For me, developing art is not optional."

It is 48 minutes after Stellazio Virtual Theater's adaptation of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's novel The Little Prince when Zaynava Everrest (real name Kira Merrill) appears on an elevated system behind a disappearing wall in the back of the stage. This entry is just one of the many ways Stellazio has manipulated his Final Fantasy XIV online player house - currently remodeled as a theater, full of phases and an audience of sedentary, deep-seated players - to push through at the push of a button.

During the day, 28-year-old Merrill from the Midwest of the United States drives Uber (at least under normal circumstances) to make a living, which gives her the moment and versatility to run Stellazio. While she is currently entering her entrance, she sits neither in the driver's seat nor in the director's seat, but rests on an elaborate throne in white and red clothes as she fulfills her adapted role as Queen of Saint-Exupéry's asteroid king Fulfills.

An amusing exchange between her and player Haru Yoshida in the title requirement of the royal prince, during which the target market triggered a round of / clapping and / laughing emotes to show her appreciation. The scene ends, the piece continues and we won't see Merrill again until the cast finally comes on stage to offer their bows. The applause is delighted and, like the performance itself, exceeds the intended restrictions on FFXIV's emote option.

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This means months of work for the actors and crew. A stage is created from furniture in a player's house and set up with unique effects. A script is composed and music is also invented. Players discover that their lines will appear later in the chat box when efficiency is achieved. Many macros are set up to activate events and dialogs. The most surprising thing is that whole chains of emotes - the small movements with which players interact with each other in the game - are put together to form a complicated physical performance.

The macros are created in advance, but the individual participants in the troop must take their characters into account throughout the performance. If you see this in the stream or are lucky enough to be sitting in the target market at this point, you probably won't see any of it. You will only see a group of digital actors playing a piece within the limits of FFXIV.

The little prince was actually the culmination of months of practice - up to 5 evenings a week - and the efforts of 55 players. And now too? A break and then the next performance. The program, online or not, must continue.

"I couldn't be more proud of how far we've come thanks to the efforts of all the talented people who put their trust, time and commitment into the job," Merrill told me via email.

Stellazio, as Merril puts it, is a pretty diverse team. The age of the participants varied between the early 20s and 40s. Their numbers include instructors, nurses and an air force specialist.

Some participants have experience in acting and theater making outside of video games. For many of them, however, the enthusiasm for the theater was triggered and also grew in FFXIV itself.

At the heart of Stellazio is a team of 10 who oversee the management of the squad and the imaginative process. However, this is far from the big picture. Merrill offers authors, stars, teams, ushers, a composer, a social media group, editors, artists and a "bard specialist", each with their own responsibility to bring ideas to life and provide performances efficiently.

At the beginning of each production, the core team, which deals with the artists 'ErgoSage' and 'Doodlehead32' and the digital photographer Majorie Desmarais, has to put together advertising materials. After that, Merrill worked with composer Cinnamon Roll to arrange the songs for the ultimate Twitch program. While all of this is taking place, the manuscript is also being worked on, usually an adaptation of a traditional story like Dickens' Starlight Carol.

"I chose stories that I think translate well into the digital atmosphere, and stories that have meant a lot to me," Merril said.

"I chose stories that I think fit well into the digital environment and stories that have meant a lot to me."

Merrill works with the troupe's authors, Nicola Andrews, Henry Smith, as well as Alma Emma, to adapt these stories. Once the manuscript is completed, the cast work on what Merrill calls "initial macros"-- structuring the discussion for the efficiency for quick playback.

" The assistant supervisor (Levi Talstag for The Little Prince as well as A Christmas Carol, now Ash Karr for The Phantom of the Opera) as well as I then break down the script and develop the blocking for every scene, which is the positioning of the stars on stage," she claimed.

This is additionally where any kind of unique impacts are prepared: Merrill offers the examples of specific lights, sound results, and fireworks.

Structure sets as well as arranging SFX is often a case of adjusting the normal state of the game as much as including brand-new elements. Making certain the actors as well as crew name plates aren't visible to the audience, as well as seeing to it the stage is fit to fit each scene, are both crucial issues. Along with this, FFXIV places a restriction on the number of character models that can be displayed at any kind of one-time. After factoring in cast, staff, and also ushers, Stellazio establishes the guest matter from the continuing to be quantity.

Also beyond props, there's the ambience of the location to take into consideration.

"For The Little Prince, we wanted it to feel very warm, inviting, and bright, whereas for A Starlight Carol, we were going extra for a chilly, wintery, lonely look," Merrill claimed. "I also attempt to make use of aspects from Stellazzio too-- deep blues as well as sparkling starry illumination, to cement our branding from the first moment you enter the lobby."

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