Campus Parking Policy

Westminster College is a pedestrian campus. Students are expected to use their assigned parking areas for long-term parking and walk to classes, meals, and events. In order to park on campus, all vehicles except those belonging to visitors must display a current Westminster College parking decal or employee parking hang tag. Temporary courtesy parking passes are available at the Department of Public Safety office located in the McKelvy Campus Center (Room 268) for students or guests bringing a car to campus for a week or less. No one is permitted to park in areas for which they do not have the appropriate decal. 

Westminster College students shall obtain parking decals as follows:

  1. Register vehicle online. Follow instructions found there regarding registration and payment.
  2. Make payment via CASHNet or cash or check at the Business Office. Cost of a student parking decal is $100.00.
  3. Pick up parking decal Mon-Fri, 8am to 4:30pm at the Campus Access Office on the 2nd floor of Old Main in the Business Office. New students will receive their parking decal when they arrive on campus. All decals will be placed in Campus Mailbox no earlier than August 8th

The registration process is not complete until the parking decal is affixed to the registered vehicle as required.

Advance sale of parking decals begins July 1 for all students. All students are required to register their vehicle online for a parking decal. Payment for decal is made on CashNet.

Vehicles are to be registered by the first day of classes or within two business days of bringing the vehicle to campus.

Decal Placement

Student decals are to be permanently affixed on the rear of the vehicle for which the decal is issued (placed on the inside lower left corner of the rear window of the rear vehicle). Decals are not to be transferred to another vehicle(s) without prior authorization from Public Safety. If a registered vehicle is replaced during the registration period, a new sticker will be issued at no cost.

Parking Lots/Spaces

A parking decal does not guarantee a parking space on campus. Parking is subject to available space. Lack of space will not be considered justification for violating parking regulations.

Motorbikes and motorcycles must be kept out of buildings and parked only in parking lots.



Parking Lot Assignments

Parking lots are conveniently marked with color-coded signs that match the colors of the parking decals permitted for that lot. The simple rule to follow is that if the colored triangle on the lot signs do not match the color of a decal, then that vehicle may not be parked in that lot. Parking in lots closest to academic buildings is reserved primarily for staff and students who live outside the immediate New Wilmington area and commute to class or work. Commuting students and employees are expected to allow sufficient time in their travel schedules to accommodate walking time from a parking space to their workstation or classroom.

The following is the breakdown of decal colors and the lots for which they are authorized:

Black Decals:  All resident first year students with a vehicle on campus are assigned black decals. First-year Residents may only park in the lower football lot located behind the visitor bleachers and the lower tennis court lot. Additionally, these lots are open to all decal colors.

Orange Decals:  Upper class students residing in Russell, Berlin Village, Eichenaur, Galbreath, Browne and Ferguson resident halls are issued orange decals. Orange Decals may park in the lot adjacent to the townhouses, the Eichenauer lot, the Russell lot, the Hillside lot, on the hill across from the Field House lot toward Russell Hall, the north side of the Field House (along the creek), small lot adjacent to Ferguson, spaces next to Old 77, spaces next to Browne, all parking spaces on Westminster Drive from Market St. to traffic circle, lower Galbreath lot next to the creek, the Physical Plant lot, the lower Hoyt lot (adjacent to Phi Tau) and the lower football field lot behind the visitor bleachers.

Magenta Decals: Upperclassmen who reside in Shaw are issued a magenta decal for parking in the Minteer lot back row located across the street from Shaw.

Green Decals:  Commuters may park in the Beeghly lot, Shaw lot, the lower Hoyt lot (adjacent to Phi Tau), the Field House west lot next to the new (Soccer & Lacrosse Field) and the lower football field lot located behind the visitor bleachers.

Employee Blue Hang Tags:  All Westminster College Employees will be issued a blue parking hang tag which will be displayed on the rear-view mirror. The hang tag should be facing outward so that the numbers can be read. Employees may park in the Minteer lot (corner of Maple & Mercer Streets), Old Main lot, Shaw lot, Beeghley lot, Edwards lot behind the Field House, the lower Hoyt lot (adjacent to Phi Tau), Physical Plant lot and the lower football field lot located behind the visitor bleachers.  


All traffic laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Borough of New Wilmington are enforced. The speed limit on campus is 15 mph. The roads on campus are considered public highways under the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, and all traffic laws can be enforced by police officers having jurisdiction on campus. These departments include Westminster College Public Safety, New Wilmington Borough Police, and Pennsylvania State Police.

It is not our intention to penalize visitors to our campus who may not be aware of our regulations. Violations of parking in the incorrect parking lot and decal violations will be voided for visitors to the College. Visitors should enclose their name and address, a brief explanation of their visit when returning the ticket to the Public Safety Department. The Department reserves the right to refer violations of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code for enforcement.

Parking Fines

The College’s parking fine schedule for campus is as follows:

Parking in space reserved for persons with disabilities:  $50


Parking on campus without a valid decal:  $30


Unauthorized use of a parking permit:  $20


Parking where prohibited or restricted by signs:  $10


Parking where no space exists:  $10


Parking where reserved by cone or marker:  $10


Blocking a driveway, walkway, loading zone, or another vehicle:  $10


Improper display of a parking decal:  $5


Parking on campus when parking privilege is revoked:  $115


Parking fines are payable by cash or check at the College Business Office in Old Main. Unpaid fines will be charged against a student’s account. Unpaid fines may constitute grounds for withholding of transcripts, diplomas, and/or denial of registration.

Enforcement and Towing

Accumulation of a total of three (3) or more parking tickets for parking on campus without a decal or accumulation of seven (7) or more parking tickets for any violations will result in loss of on-campus parking privileges. Vehicles belonging to those who have lost parking privileges will be towed at operator’s/owner’s expense each time they are found parked on campus after revocation. If a tow truck is not available, a $115 fine will be assessed for parking on campus while privileges are revoked.

The College reserves the right to tow a vehicle at any time at owner’s expense if it is obstructing traffic, disrupting College operations, parked in the Quad areas (center of campus), parked on sidewalk, or parked in a tow-away zone.


Parking Ticket Appeals Process

To dispute a ticket, drivers must submit a written appeal within 10 calendar days of the ticket date. Appeal forms are available at the Public Safety Office. Appeals must be completed and received at the Public Safety Office within the required time limits. Results of appeals are final.

The following reasons will not be considered justifiable grounds for appeal:

  1. Parking illegally with four-way flashers activated.
  2. Parking illegally for a short period of time.
  3. Claiming to be unaware of Westminster College parking regulations.
  4. Parking illegally in a handicap spot/area/


Westminster College assumes no responsibility or liability for loss or damage to any motor vehicle parked on or adjacent to the grounds of Westminster College.