1. All students are given a basic printing allocation of $26.25 per term. This amount is sufficient for 375 pages of black and white printing (B&W) at $0.07 per page. Color printing cost is $0.12 per page. Additional printing beyond the basic allocation is charged to students at the individual page rate and placed on their College bills by the Business Office.

  2. In all cases students are responsible for the first $25.00 of printing costs, if any, beyond the basic allocation.

  3. Students who need payment credit for printing additional pages (beyond the basic allocation plus the first $25.00 cost for extra printing) must request this credit through their advisor. This payment credit must be for authorized work approved by the advisor.

  4. Advisors will determine what additional credit is appropriate, if any. They will complete the Printing Credit Approval Form giving the reason for the request and the amount of the additional credit requested. The form is forwarded to the department chair and the Dean of the College for their signatures.

  5. If the Dean approves the request, the form will be sent to the Business Office to create a credit transaction that will appear on the student's bill.

  6. Charges and credit transactions for printing costs will be added to student bills at the end of each term.