To reserve a computer lab for an entire semester, contact the Registrar's Office at Ext. 7136. To reserve a computer lab for a single day up to a few weeks, contact Alex Julio x7330 or create a reservation in AdAstra.


McGill Computer Lab (Windows)
Enter the McGill Library building from the McKelvey Campus Center building side. After entering through the two sets of large doors (one glass, one wooden) walk straight 30 feet. The computer lab is the last room on your left. (Lab Phone: 946-6253)
Patterson Computer Lab (Windows)
With the McKelvey Campus Center building at your back, enter the Patterson Hall building through the second floor doors next to the Orr Auditorium side of the building. Walk to the end of the hall, enter doors to the stairwell, down one flight of stairs and walk through door. The lab is straight after going through second door. (Room 103) (Lab Phone: 946-6251)
With Hoyt Science Center building at your back walk up flight of steps leading to the Patterson Hall building. After entering entrance into the building walk straight and enter second door. Patterson Computer Lab is straight ahead. (Room 103)
Thompson-Clark Graphics Computer Lab (MAC)
Enter the Thompson-Clark Hall building from the Maple Street road side. Walk up one flight of stairs to second floor (level 2). Walk through the double doors on the second floor and then turn right. The lab is located in the third room (Room 205) on the right. (Lab Phone: 946-6252)
Hoyt Computer Lab (Windows)
Enter the Hoyt Science Center from the second level bridge from Patterson Hall. The lab is located in the corner of Hoyt that faces Beeghly Theatre.
Call LIS Help if you are in need of assistance, toner/fuser, or any other questions. 724-946-6000
McGill Lab: ext. 6253
Patterson Lab: ext. 6251 
T-C Graphics Lab: ext. 6252