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Survival Tips (.doc, 29K)
Overcoming Homesickness (.doc, 25K)
Stress and Anxiety
"15 Steps to Becoming a Calmer Test-Taker" (.doc, 26K)
"Journal Writing for Stress Management" (.doc, 26K)
"Breathing for Relaxation" (.doc, 29K)
"Stress Quiz": Find out how stressed you really are (.doc, 27K)
About Depression (.doc, 25K)
Coping with Depression (.doc, 34K)
Depression or Blues (.doc, 38K)
Men Against Sexual Assault
"10 Things Men Can Do to Prevent Gender Violence" (.doc, 30K)
Date Rape
Date Rape Prevention (.doc, 26K)
Protecting Yourself From Date Rape Drugs (.doc, 34K)
Everyone Gets Angry and it Can be Hard to Manage (.doc, 35K)
For Victims of Sexual Violence
Surviving to Thriving: Healing and Hope for Survivors of Sexual Violence (.doc, 66K)
Partnering for Life and Love (.pptx, 706K)
Assertive Communication (.ppt, 1130K)
Six Criteria for a Healthy Relationship (.pdf, 44K)
Six Negaive Listening Patterns (.doc, 26K)
Your Parents' Divorce (.doc, 33K)
Instructions for Stress-Reducing Breathing
Breathing for Relaxation (.doc, 29K)
Helpful Ways to Handle Grief/Loss
Strategies for Working through the Grief/Loss Process (.doc, 38K)
Hints for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep
Are You Having Trouble Sleeping? (.doc, 27K)
Self Injury
"Because I hurt": Understanding Self Injurious Behavior (.doc, 42K)
Helping Friends
Helping a Friend with an Eating Disorder (.doc, 30K)
Helping a Friend with a Drinking Problem (.doc, 29K)
Helping Someone in a Suicidal Crisis (.doc, 28K)
Helping Survivors of Sexual Assault (.doc, 24K)
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