Thursday, March 3, 2005

When you are experiencing a cold or the flu it is sometimes difficult to decide whether or not your symptoms warrant a visit to see a physician.

Call for an appointment to see a doctor if you experience any of these symptoms.

  • an extremely red throat
  • difficult or painful swallowing
  • white patches on the back of the throat or tonsils
  • ear pain
  • temperature of 100 degrees or more for 2 days or more
  • shaking chills and high fever
  • discolored or bloody mucus from nasal passages
  • pain or tenderness over the sinuses
  • severe headache
  • persistent stiff neck
  • confusion or changes in behavior
  • puslike discharge from the eyes or ears
  • persistent coughing or coughing with green, yellow or rust-colored mucus
  • painful breathing, shortness of breath and/ or wheezing
  • painful swelling of the neck glands
  • chronic, unusual fatigue

If you have questions about your symptoms, phone the Health Center at 7927 or visit us from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm on Monday through Friday when the Residence Halls are open