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Any on-campus person or organization, including students, faculty, staff or their departments, or organizations wishing to schedule an event in a college facility, should check with the appropriate person in charge of the facility. Please refer to the brochure, How to Reserve a Location for Your Event: Contacts for Making Reservations at Locations on the Westminster College Campus, available online.

There is no charge if a recognized campus organization wishes to reserve use of College facilities for an event provided that no admission fee or donation request is involved. Exceptions to this policy are use of the McKelvey Club Room, Natatorium and additional services of Physical Plant personnel beyond those normally provided. Recognized College organizations will be charged by the hour for use of the Natatorium, including lifeguards, and there will be a minimum charge. An hourly rate for Physical Plant personnel will be charged.

Given the special heritage of Westminster College and its continuing affirmation of the relevance of this tradition to its life and work, the College will avoid scheduling any meetings during Chapel on Monday and Friday. The College will also seek to avoid any scheduling of events during the times reserved for Catholic Mass on Saturday evenings and Vespers on Sunday evenings. In addition, no extracurricular activities are to be scheduled on Reading Day.

Off-campus groups or individuals who wish to reserve campus facilities must do so by contacting the Business Manager, Janet Smith, 207 Old Main.
Members of the Westminster community wishing to publicize student organization and other College-related activities through outside media sources are asked to first contact the College's Communication Services Office.

The Student Affairs and Communications Services staff will gladly assist you with press release information.

Any person or recognized organization wishing to publicize a campus activity or event may utilize the sources listed below. It is campus policy that no posters, signs, or fliers may be posted on doors, walls, painted surfaces, windows, or trees.

Chalking may be used outside in areas where normal rainfall will wash it away (at least ten feet away from the entryway since chalk particles can be carried into the building on shoes). If chalking occurs elsewhere, the person or organization responsible will be held accountable for cleanup.

No publicity may be placed on the Art Gallery entrance glass area. Publicity and notices may be posted on bulletin boards only. Bulletin boards are found in Hoyt Science Resources Center, McGill Library, residence halls, Old Main, and McKelvey Campus Center. Locked bulletin board cases must be reserved through the appropriate office or department.

The online Campus Activities Calendar, accessible through the Westminster homepage, is maintained by the Office of Student Affairs and is updated daily as organizations reserve facilities or as individuals submit an event or activity with the Student Affairs Office. This calendar provides the campus and its surrounding communities with a more complete listing of campus events. Individuals who wish to submit information regarding an upcoming activity may do so in person at the Student Affairs Office or by following instructions on the online calendar location.

The Westminster Weekly campus online newsletter is published each Wednesday during the academic year. General announcements should be submitted in writing to the Communication Services Office (Old Main 101) or via e-mail. Deadline for the submission of announcements to the Westminster Weekly is on the Wednesday prior to publication.

The student newspaper, The Holcad, is published weekly during the academic year. It offers students practical experience in journalism, sales, and business management. Any student or organization wishing to publicize an event should contact The Holcad advertising manager at Ext. 7223.

Items for daily newscasts and community bulletin board on Titan Digital 88.9 FM should be submitted to the broadcasting studio in McKelvey Campus Center or to Box 89. The station prefers that information be provided in writing but will accept calls on news stories or emergencies (Ext. 7242).

WCN (Westminster College Network) broadcasts a weekly local news show and a weekly community talk show to community cable subscribers. Information should be sent to Box 9 at least two weeks in advance of the event.

General Guidelines
  • Please be considerate of others. Do not place your signs on top of other signs!
  • If you want your sign to remain up, check with the appropriate department before posting your signs on bulletin boards.
  • When your event is over, please remove signs.
  • Think of new ideas: table tents, mobiles., different sizes for signs will attract. attention to them.
  • If you have professional signs, try cutting them into pieces before putting them up; people will be more inclined to leave your publicity. alone.
  • Do not place signs on painted surfaces. or wooden surfaces. When tape is removed, paint and/or wood will come off with tape strips.
  • Signs are not permitted on any glass doors. They pose a fire hazard and therefore are prohibited, and will be removed.
  • Chalk may be used only on areas where normal rainfall will wash it away. If rain does not wash surface, you will be responsible for cleanup immediately after the event. Also, be aware that chalking immediately in front of doors tracks the dust in to the buildings. Please avoid chalking in this area.
  • Don’t forget other advertising possibilities: The Holcad, Westminster Weekly, WWNW-FM and Cable 9-TV.
How to Reserve a Location for your Event (.pdf, 413K)
Publicizing Guidelines
Please remember to remove signs and tape when event is over.
Campus Center Banner Guidelines (.pdf, 33K)
Guidelines (.pdf, 371K)
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Only the rock may be painted, not the tree or the bench in the surrounding area.