General Information

There is NO housing deposit required to participate in the housing selection process. However, be sure you intend to reside in College housing next Fall (or plan to live elsewhere per the housing requirements outlined in the Student Handbook). Please note that the deadline by which you can cancel your housing assignment for any reason is June 1. Cancellations after that date will incur a $125 cancellation fee.


General Drawing Information

It is to your advantage to have a roommate(s) already selected for next year. Partially filled rooms will not be permitted at room drawing.

Room drawing will be conducted by seniority. Class level is determined by the registrar's office, and each class level will participate in the lottery at their assigned time. Only one roommate can draw for a room. The roommate in the highest class level will draw (ex. if a current junior and sophomore want to live together, the junior will draw for them).

As you go through the housing selection process, it is important to keep your housing preference in mind. The room drawing process involves over 1,000 students, and your first choice of housing may go quickly. Please have other housing options in mind as you make your room selection.

It is each student's responsibility to understand the housing selection process. If you have questions, please seek out residence life staff.


Abroad Fall Semester

Students going abroad for the Fall semester are eligible to participate in the spring housing selection process, but must understand that their assignment/roommate cannot be guaranteed. If the space is needed for the Fall semester both the student abroad and their roommate(s) will be contacted and informed of how to move forward in the housing process. The roommate who attending Westminster in the Fall semester will be relocated or have a new student assigned to their room, and the roommate abroad will be contacted later in the Fall semester to discuss housing options available to them upon their return. 


Abroad Spring Semester

Students who are going to be abroad for the spring semester are eligible to participate in the housing selection process.

Students planning to be abroad during the spring housing selection process should fill out a proxy form prior to their departure from campus. The proxy form and detailed housing preference should be left with a trusted friend who is then responsible for making housing selection decisions on your behalf. It is the responsibility of the student going abroad during the spring semester to make arrangements concerning housing selection for the following fall. Contact the Student Affairs Office with any questions while you are away from campus.


Other Housing Concerns

Ordinarily, residence hall rooms are assigned with the understanding that they will be occupied for the entire academic year. All full-time undergraduate students are required to live in a College residence hall. See Related Links for additional housing arrangements for Westminster students. Please read over the information presented carefully. Students must secure permission from the Student Affairs Office to live somewhere other than College residence halls.


If you cannot be present to participate in the housing selection session of your choice, you can still participate in the housing selection process with a proxy form.  By filling out a PROXY FORM, you can allow someone else to make your housing selection decisions for you. Students should NEVER miss class to participate in room drawings.

A strength of the Westminster College experience is the close-knit community that exists on campus.  Westminster College is a residential college which means that students are required to live on campus for four years.

Westminster residence hall rooms are generally designed for two persons.  However, there are some triple and quad rooms available.  Singles are offered by random lottery according to class rank.  However, we are sometimes able to offer a small number of singles to incoming transfer students for an additional charge.

Housing Selection Options

The following times are for double occupancy rooms only. If you want to reserve a single or multiple-occupancy room, you must attend the other drawings listed. Partially filled rooms will not be permitted during double room drawing.

For students interested in reserving an entire suite in Eichenauer, you must be able to fill the suite with four people. Three people to a suite will not be permitted. An entire suite can be reserved at any point during the room drawing process. Students wishing to live together in a suite should attend the room drawing slot of their most senior suite member


Single Room Draw

Students wishing to live in a designed single room next year should participate in this portion of the housing selection process. There are a limited number of designed single rooms on campus, and they are assigned by class level. Designed single rooms will cost approximately an additional $500 per semester. Check with the Business Office for current rates. Remember, this drawing is for rooms that were originally designed to accommodate one student.


Triple and Quad Room Draw

This drawing is for rooms that are designed for three or four occupants. In order to select a triple or quad, occupants must be able to fill the room. 


General Berlin Village Information

The goal of Berlin Village is to provide upperclassmen students with a transitional living experience. Westminster College hopes to provide an independent living environment with the conveniences and support of on-campus living.

Students interested in living in the Berlin Village should know:

  • Each townhouse unit accommodates four students of the same gender in single bedrooms.
  • The annual cost is available by contacting the Business Office.
  • There is a $300 security deposit required of all Berlin Village residents before recipients sign the lease in February. The deposit secures the townhouse assignment and is held for the duration of the lease period. Cancellation after signing the lease will result in total loss of the deposit. Damages to the townhouse unit will be deducted from the security deposit.

Application Process

Students wishing to live in the Berlin Village will be asked to submit an application. Applications will be available starting January 18th, 2018 and can be accessed by clicking on the download link at the top of this page.  On the application, the four students will need to list and sign their name. Their signature allows the Student Affairs Office to collect pertinent student information.  Applicants will be evaluated on length of time lived on campus, cumulative GPA, and college judicial history. Points will be given based on their ability to meet the application criteria.  If any applicant does not plan to live in Berlin Village for the entire academic year, the group must plan for another student to move into the vacant space. Both of the students' names should be listed on the application. The average of those two students' points will be used to calculate the group's total

Any falsification of information including but not limited to names of group members, total number of members in a group, plans to live in Berlin Village for the entire academic year, or deception with the process may result in a group or individual being disqualified from living in Berlin Village.

Applications will be due to the Student Affairs Office by 4:30 pm on Thursday February 1st, 2018. The list of approved applications will be sent via WC email on Friday February 16th, 2018. 

Lease signing will happen during the week of February 26th, 2018.  Leases must be signed and the $300/resident security deposit must be paid, no later than 4:30 pm on Friday, March 2nd, 2018. Students selected to live in Berlin Village should first report to the Business Office to pay the security deposit before signing the lease. Students should then bring the deposit receipt to the Student Affairs Office to sign their townhouse lease and receive additional information.

If one (or more) members(s) of the group fail to pay the deposit (at the Business Office) and sign the lease (at the Student Affairs Office) by March 2nd, 2018 the entire group could be removed from the Berlin Village townhouse.