What is it?

Westminster Digital Signage is a free, dynamic marketing tool that makes it incredibly easy for organizations and departments to promote and display their events to their target audience quickly and effectively.

Where can you view it?

Any web-enabled device with a web browser and a minimum screen resolution of 1280x1024 can view Titan Digital Signage. Click here to go to the live feed.

What types of information are on it?

  • User submitted announcements
  • Current weather
  • Items from the college's events calendar
  • Westminster and Google’s top 10 news ticker
  • Images from Westminster’s flickr account

Can I submit content ?

Yes! See our Titan Digital Signage Request

What plans are underway to grow the system?

Investigation is ongoing to incorporate sports information and scores, entertainment schedules, user generated video, Westminster tweets and Facebook posts, live webcam video content, and much more! Dedicated displays around campus are being planned to continually display the feed, with items pertinent to the display location receiving additional display. Contact us if you have an idea for improving Titan Digital Signage.